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TruVista To Provide 60 Days of Free Internet Service to Students

Beginning March 17, TruVista is committed to offer:

  • Free 60 days of our basic internet service including free installation to households with K-12 and/or college students who do not already have a TruVista broadband subscription.  This offer is being made to households within our service areas where facilities currently exist.
  • We are also waiving our normal deposit and service agreement process for these households during this time. TruVista plans to keep this opportunity available to new customers for 60 days and will reevaluate it at that time. 
As the country works to contain this pandemic, internet access will be increasingly important to ensuring that people in our communities are able to learn and work remotely and that our neighbors stay connected with family and friends.

To find out more, please contact TruVista at 800-768-1212 for general information, sales, and service.