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Message from the Superintendent
Dr. J.R. Green Superintendent
Welcome to the Fairfield County Schools, where our vision is to provide a rigorous, student-centered, and engaging educational experience for every student. In addition to ensuring that students are proficient in Reading, Writing, and Mathematics, we make a commitment to giving each student the opportunity to develop his/her talents in the areas of Arts and Athletics. We understand that this comprehensive experience contributes to maximizing the personal and academic potential of each of our students.

The faculty, staff, and administration of Fairfield County have committed themselves to establishing a culture of competence, collaboration, trust, and respect. We will continue to recruit and develop highly qualified teaching staff knowledgeable of the most effective and engaging instructional practices. Teachers and principals across the District embrace the opportunity to share ideas and strategies that have yielded the most significant academic growth. It is vitally important that we develop an atmosphere of trust among parents and the greater community in our ability to provide an educational experience in which the interest of students will be at the forefront of every decision. Finally, every student must be viewed as important, special, different, and capable. We promise to embrace the uniqueness of every student and make a commitment to always engage them in a respectful and courteous manner.

Dr. J.R. Green
Fairfield County Schools