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1st Grade, 2nd - 6th Grades, Fairfield Middle School, & Fairfield Central High School Summer Reading Program Packets

Dear Parents,

Attached is a copy of the grade level summer reading activity log and project for 1st Grade, 2nd - 6th Grades, & Fairfield Middle School. This information may also be found on each school’s website, in the office area of each school, and at the Fairfield County Public Library.

Please feel free to call your area school with questions and/or concerns.

Download Packets Here:
1st Grade Summer Reading Program Packet:
2nd - 6th Grades Summer Reading Program Packet:
FMS Summer Reading Letter:
FMS Summer Reading Program Packet:

Websites and Telephone Numbers:
FCSD: - (803) 635-4607
Fairfield Central High School: (803) 635-1441
Fairfield Middle School: 635-4270
Fairfield Elementary: - (803) 635-5594
Fairfield Magnet School for Math & Science: - (803) 635-4810
Geiger Elementary: - (803) 337-8288
Kelly Miller Elementary: - (803) 635-2961
McCrorey-Liston School of Technology: - (803) 635-9490

Have a wonderful READING summer!