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eLearning Day, Friday, January 21, 2022

The Fairfield County School District will have an eLearning day, Friday, January 21, 2022. Parents and staff should check ParentSquare or school landing pages for assignments. A virtual eLearning day allows students to minimize any interruptions caused by inclement weather and continue to make educational progress. Students will have regular assigned classwork and teachers will be available electronically. Students will be required to complete and submit all assignments, as well as communicate with their teachers during the eLearning day. Any student experiencing difficulties should contact their teacher or principal via email.

Teachers will utilize playlists and landing pages. Teachers will be expected to make contact with students, track virtual attendance, and be available to students during virtual office hours.

You can also join Superintendent Dr. J.R. Green for a LIVE Town Hall Meeting on Facebook tomorrow (January 20, 2022) at 6:00 to ask questions.

eLearning Technology and Technical Support:

The Information Technology Department will be working to provide technical support to all staff, students, and parents of Fairfield County District. 

How do I reach eLearning Technical Support?

What kinds of problems will eLearning Technical Support be able to assist me with?
We will do our best to provide support on any issues related to the use of FCSD technology to complete eLearning assignments. We will be limited in our ability to provide support on home wireless networks due to the wide range of potential problems that could arise during an event.