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Facility Usage Request Forms

As a service to the community, the Board will allow responsible and properly organized community groups to use school facilities for individual events so as long such events do not conflict with public school activities, state laws, local ordinances or the proper care and maintenance of the buildings and grounds.
The process in submitting a Facility Usage Request Form:
  1. Contact the Administrator at the school or District facility you want to hold your event to ensure the date is available and that it meets the standards outlined on the Facility Usage Request form.
  2. Download the form off the website and fill out in its entirety and submit to the facility you want to hold your event.
  3. After approval from the Administrator of the facility, you will receive a call regarding the approval of your request to include any fees.
  4. If you would like to have the fees waived for usage of the facility, your request will be forwarded to the Board of Trustees for approval at the next called Board meeting (as long as it is in before the agenda deadline for Board meetings). It is highly recommended that facility usage forms that have a waiver of fees request is submitted to the Board at least 60 days before the event.