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Elite Ladies of Fairfield County School District

The Elite Ladies of Fairfield County School District is a service and social mentoring program for young ladies in grades 7 –12. In addition to the monthly Transformation Sessions and enrichment activities, the program has five (5) auxiliaries in which its participants can be a part of - TORCH Spoken Word Group, the Elite Ladies Step Team, the Elite Ladies Cotillion Program/Gala, F.C. Diamond Elite Dance Team, Elite Ladies ROCK! Leadership .  The program’s purpose is trifold:  


  1. To develop young ladies to become effective leaders, change agents, visionaries and entrepreneurs that will positively impact their schools and communities;
  2. To empower our young ladies by giving them access to various resources and opportunities to help them excel and compete in the global arena; and,
  3. To support and equip young ladies using the tenets of the Elite Ladies’ Seven Pearls for Success.  The Elite Ladies’ Seven Pearls for Success focuses on transformative programming and activities that allow and encourage our participants to become the best version of themselves.
Elite Ladies Motto:
I am because you are,
You are because I am,
We are because He is,
I am always rising to the top, because the bottom is too crowded.
2017 Cotillion Ball photos are now available through Pressmark, LLC

The Elite Ladies of Fairfield County School District held their "Pearls of Excellence" Cotillion Ball on
Saturday, May 20th at 6:00 pm in Fairfield Central High School gymnasium.
Fifteen young ladies were presented to family, friends and community leaders.
The event was hosted by Mrs. Denise Clark and special guest
speaker was Bishop Sheldon Hudson. Photography and video by Pressmark, LLC.
2017 Elite Ladies Cotillion