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eLearning Resources for FCSD TeachersThinking
Teachers! On this page, I hope you will find some valuable resources as you facilitate eLearning. Often times the hardest part is getting started. Have you asked yourself:
"What are the best practices for teaching online?"
"What  can I do for my students who have low or no access to technology?"
  • Maintain classroom community. 
  • Don’t reinvent the wheel
  • Get kids moving with tools like Go Noodle and CalmConnect - and do it together with videos on!
  • Communicate with families. Involve families in students’ learning with tools like ClassDojoSeeSaw and Google Classroom.
  • Make it interactive. 
  • Connect face-to-face through Google Hangout,, even asynchronously using tools like Flipgrid and SeeSaw.
  • Get back to basics: Think about what foundational skills each student can address and how you can individually tailor a plan for them. 
  • Get on the phone: Set up a weekly call with each of your students. Prepare plans for them at home in which they can easily update you on their progress. 
  • Problem-Based Learning: Be able to provide real-world examples of issues we are facing today. 
  • FCSD support: In addition, the district is offering access to the Internet. Details can be found on the eLearning page for FCSD.
Responses above provided by Mindspark Learning. If you'd like to read more information, take a look at the Online Toolkit provided by Mindspark Learning.
Additionally, I have put together some resources for YOU to help you continue the learning at home with your students using the FCSD eLearning Teacher Resources presentation!
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